Bob Bly, author of 85+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” shows you how to overcome the #1 barrier to Internet marketing success when you….

Triple Your E-Mail Marketing Results in 90 Days – or Your Money Back!

How to write and deliver e-mail marketing messages that blast past spam filters, get opened and read, and increase your click-through rates, conversions, sales, and profits.

Dear Marketer,

Whether you are an Internet marketer … or simply use the Internet as part of your overall marketing mix …

Your success online depends in large part on e-mail marketing –

-- and in particular, on writing and broadcasting e-mail marketing campaigns that get delivered to – opened – read – and responded to by your prospects and customers.

The bad news is: it’s tough today to write e-mail marketing messages that comply with CAN SPAM laws … and aren’t blocked by ISPs and spam filters.

It’s even tougher to get your prospect’s attention …stop her from deleting your marketing e-mails … and get her to open, read, and respond to your message.

The good news is: proven solutions to all of your e-mail marketing problems exist.

Now, you can download these e-mail marketing “best practices” immediately – and watch your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions soar….

Double or triple your Internet leads, sales, and profits today!

In our e-book, Secrets of Successful E-Mail Marketing, copywriter Kim Stacey and I give you everything you need to know to maximize your e-mail marketing results –

-- from how to get your e-mail message past spam filters and other barriers … and into the hands of your recipients …

… to writing compelling copy that gets them to open the e-mail, read your message, click through to your landing page or site, and order your product!

Here’s just a sampling of the proven e-mail marketing techniques you’ll have at your fingertips when you download our guide:

  • Is your e-mail message legal according to the provisions of the new CAN-SPAM laws? Handy 10-point checklist on page 22 helps you make sure.
  • Your prospect changes her e-mail address. Here’s how to track down her new address … and keep her on your subscriber list. Page 25.
  • There are 4 ways you can boost your business with e-mail marketing, and driving traffic to your Web site is one of them. Can you name the other three? Page 3.
  • How to easily get into your subscriber’s address book or personal white list … and why it’s absolutely essential for you to do so. Page 14.
  • The one common programming error that can cause ISPs to reject your HTML e-mails … and how to avoid it. Page 16.
  • What works best in e-mail marketing – long or short copy? The answer may surprise you. Page 63.
  • Should you broadcast your e-mail messages to your entire list all at once … or space the distribution out over several hours? Page 18.
  • Choosing the Web destination your e-mail sends readers to: micro-sites, landing pages, and transaction pages. Page 64.
  • How to write a great e-newsletter your subscribers will love -- in less than one hour per issue. Plus: 14 article ideas for your next e-zine. Page 67.
  • Best day of the week to distribute your e-mail marketing messages … and the best time to send them. Page 27.
  • Where to find e-mail certification and monitoring services … spam checking tools … e-mail marketing agencies … auto-responders … co-registration services … even a glossary of Internet marketing terms. Starts on page 83.
  • How to know whether your e-mails are being blocked by ISPs as spam … and what you can do about it. Page 6.
  • Michael Masterson’s “4 U’s” formula can increase open rates and click through rates 25% to 50% or more … just by changing a few words in your subject line. Page 56.
  • 3 questions to ask your Web hosting provider or IT department to avoid e-mail deliverability problems even before they start. Page 19.
  • How to e-mail market to prospects and customers successfully overseas. Page 50.
  • The 3 most important things you need to know about e-mail marketing to make your response rates soar. Page 54.
  • How often can you send promotional e-mails to the people on your list without pissing them off -- and causing them to unsubscribe? Page 29.
  • What kind of click-through rates can you expect when e-mailing your house file? Page 47.
  • 15 steps to increasing open rates and click-through rates on every e-mail marketing message you write. Page 58.
  • 8 proven ways to quickly and easily build a large and profitable opt-in e-mail subscriber list. Page 35.
  • Smartest way to manage your opt-in e-mail subscriber list. Protects your most valuable Internet marketing resource while saving time and money. Page 21.
  • 6 steps to creating a kick-butt e-mail marketing campaign that brings in boatloads of clicks, conversions, and orders. Page 39.
  • What works best in e-mail marketing – text or HTML? The shocking answer revealed at last. Page 46.
  • How to quickly and easily prepare your e-newsletter for distribution to your subscriber list. Page 67.
  • 8 reasons your e-mail marketing messages get blocked … and one way to overcome each. Page 13.
  • Does segmenting an e-mail list pay off – or is it an utter waste of time and money? Page 30
  • How to write a landing page that maximizes conversion of visitors to sales. Page 42.
  • Plus: a mini-library of sample e-mail marketing messages including the clicks, conversions, and sales generated by each. Page 77.

Readers praise E-Mail Marketing Secrets

Because it’s an e-book, you can download Secrets of Successful E-Mail Marketing the instant you place your order.

No need to wait for the mail to deliver it. And there are no shipping and handling charges.

That means you can have these e-mail marketing best practices at your fingertips … and begin increasing sales of your product or service online -- literally within the next few minutes!

Here’s what marketers nationwide are saying about earlier editions of Secrets of Successful E-Mail Marketing

“A great book on e-mail marketing that is thorough, timely, and bound to become a classic in its field.”
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I recently gave a 60-minute talk to the Executive Club of NJ on “What’s Working in E-Mail Marketing Today.” And we professionally recorded it on high quality video.

Although the list price for the video is $49, order the Secrets of Successful E-Mail Marketing e-book today and you can watch the streaming video on your PC or mobile device absolutely FREE!

In your free video, you will discover:

  • How to increase open rates by getting your e-mails into the prospect’s “Inner Circle.”
  • The Agora Model for maximum online profits and how it works.
  • The proven 5-step Motivating Sequence formula for writing winning e-mail marketing messages.
  • The 2 places in every e-mail where the call to action (CTA) and response hyperlink should go.
  • Does “Free” in a subject line depress or increase response? The answer may surprise you.
  • The secret of the 4 U’s for writing great subject lines and headlines.
  • Using a “lead magnet” to double your e-mail response rates.
  • Which works better in e-mail marketing – text or HTML?
  • What Martha Stewart can teach you about writing home-run e-mails (and it’s 100% legal).
  • The Rule of 10/10 for boosting e-mail sales results with special offers.
  • Matt Furey’s 4 secrets for writing more engaging e-mail copy.
  • My 12 most powerful e-mail marketing tactics and how to use each.
  • And more….

Use it risk-free for 90 days

That’s right. If our Secrets of Successful E-Mail Marketing e-book and bonus video don’t help you dramatically improve your e-mail marketing results …

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I’ll refund your $39 payment in full. No questions asked. And you can keep the e-book with my compliments either way.

That way, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for?

In 90 days or sooner, you could be on your way to smashing down all barriers to successful e-mail delivery … doubling or tripling your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions … and achieving record-breaking online sales and profits week after week.

Or, you could be no further along toward making your e-mail marketing campaign generate the results you – and those you work with – expect.

It’s entirely up to you.

So what are you waiting for?

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Bob Bly

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  • 27 tips for writing kick-butt e-mail marketing messages. Page 33.
  • How to help search engines find your Web sites. Page 18.
  • Creating an auto-responder e-mail series to convert free subscribers into paid customers. Page 27.
  • What works best in e-mail marketing – long or short copy? Page 21.
  • How to write, design, and publish your own free e-newsletter as a list-building tool. Page 9.
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